Saturday, April 4, 2009

Isn't it Nice ?

Isn’t it nice to have a First Family We can be Proud of ?.

This week’s G-20 Summit has been a great success, with President Obama making an excellent impression with both his knowledge of World Affairs, and his Candor, as well as his easy rapport with the citizens and press of our EU allies.
Michelle Obama so impressed “The Queen”, that there was a rare display of emotion from the notoriously steely and reserved Monarch.

Not since JFK and Jackie have a First Family made such a splash with the World press on their first outing on the International Stage.
I have a feeling that the Agreements and Policies coming out of this Summit will also be substantive, and do positive things to the World’s struggling economic institutions.

I’m confident that most Americans share my pride and joy at having such fine representatives out there repairing our damaged alliances and friendships, and I urge all of you to express your positive feelings at “”.
The “Office of Public Liaison” page is the place to do it !
Thanks for Visiting; HoosierHerm

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