Sunday, May 3, 2009

"The First Hundred Days"

Proud to Be an Obama Supporter !

The First Hundred Days of the Obama Administration has been widely discussed throughout the Week. I listened to it on the car radio Wednesday Night, with my brother chasing down stations every few minutes as we sped our way across Ohio, on our way home to Indiana, following a great visit with Our Mom in suburban DC.

I thought at the time that it was an excellent speech, with just the right amount of Optimism, tempered with a dose of reality. I enjoyed his answers to the few heavy questions sent his way. I was glad to hear the whole thing on NPR, so I could turn it off before the pundits started telling me what I had just heard !
That crap drives me up the wall, even though I realize that such simplifications are necessary for the Rush Limbaugh fans who might tune in!. Those few who a smart enough to actually operated their radio dials. ! LoL.

I give the Prez' an "A" for his performance thus far. Even his harshest critics have had to admit that he has more on his plate than any President since FDR. Maybe it's a heavier burden than FDR's, since it includes 2 Wars, as well as numerous "Hotspots" around the globe, along with a crippled economy. Add to that, a Foriegn Policy left in tatters from the Bush / Cheney Gang, and you've got "A Lot On Your Plate".

My Big Worry This Week, is the troubles in Pakistan ! Whew, talk about a Mess !
Between the rapid advances of the Taliban / Al Queda insurgency, which is now in control of areas as near as 60 miles from the Capital of Islamibad, there is also the "World-Threatening" problem of Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal. Nobody is being honest with Us about how many young Officers in the Paki' Military and their Intelligence Agency,(INI), are more sympathetic to the Taliban than they are to the US, and NATO. In fact, many of them see the Karzi Government in Afghanistan, and all our combined forces there, as Allies to India, and therefore enemies of Pakistan. This fear of India as their Primary enemy in the world, has for decades blinded the Pakistani Army to the dangers of their Taliban buddie's Ambitions.

I don't know about You all, but the idea of a Taliban / Al Queda group in control of a 100+ Nuke's, scares the Hell out of Me !

With all these scary possibilities ringing in my head, all I heard on the Sunday Talk and News shows, was more about the, (Not gonna Happen), Flu Pandemic . There was also a lot of discussion about Senator Specter's Party switch. While I think that's significant, and have some misgivings about it, I still think The Pakistan Situation should be at the top of everyone's agenda right Now.
The Only show today which discussed these matters was Farheed Zakaria's GPS program, where he had SecDef Robert Gates as his only guest, and they discussed both wars, the First Hundred Days, and the Paki' Problems.

The title of this post is linked to David Gergen's article about The First Hundred Days, well worth reading.

Below is an hilarious video about "FaceBook Manners" that I think You'll all enjoy.