Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Hermiverse is Expanding !

Hi There Folks, bet you thought I'd be ashamed to come back so soon after posting that horrible picture last night ! But, Y'all know I have no Shame ! LoL

Anyway, as I've been babbling about in recent weeks, I've been trying to channel all my many hours of Blogging, (and reading your Blogs), into some kind of badly needed income.
This is not an easy thing to do. While I know a whole lot about a lot of subjects, the thing that I've done all my life, which is cooking, bartending , and managing Restaurants and Taverns, is probably the most Overloaded Niche on the Web. It's not even a "niche" anymore, it's more like a huge Arena!

My next thought was; since I don't want to compete with all these beautiful and knowledgeable folks in the Recipe and Menu sector, I would instead focus my blog on teaching some basic skills, and advising on how to build an elementary set of kitchen equipment, and a basic pantry of spices and staples, that would allow an interested reader to begin cooking some of those 5 million wonderful recipes they can find online.

I've been creating such a blog at my new domain in recent days, and was making some decent progress. I started with a simple list of 10 skills and procedures that I would blog about in the order I presented them.
So I wrote the intro to the First subject "Knife Skills", in which I explained how fine cutlery is made, and why it should never be sharpened with anything but a "Steel".

At that point, I realized that I was going to need a decent Video Cam to record some actions in order for my techniques to make sense. Since I don't even have a digicam that can be programed to take a frame every 30 seconds or so, I couldn't even build a good Power Point presentation to demonstrate my methods.

Well, at this point, I'm fairly frustrated, so I start looking around for another way I can spend all this spare time while waiting on the rest of my disability claims to be settled.
I spent last week signing on to every Social Networking and blog related site in the whole CyberVerse, some that I'd never heard of until my Blogging Guru, Darren Rowse include a list in one of the lessons of the course I've been taking this month "31 days to Building a better Blog".

I'm having a good time learning all these new sites, and building profiles for hours at a time. (About My Favorite Subject ME !), when Thursday afternoon,(Aussie Time) 2:AM in Hermville, Darren puts out a tweet about this new posting he's gotten on ProBlogger's Job Board. I instantly click on it, and find that this new Blog Network, called "Blogatize" is looking for people to blog on a variety of subjects,....One of them is Politics ! TaDuh !!

So, weary but stoked, I fill out the application, stating what type of blog I would like to have, and writing a sample posting, which was supposed to be new, but I used the 'Navy Seals Rescue Captain' post I'd written here at Blogger, and told them it was 2:30 AM and my thinker was pretty tired. LoL, Honesty really is the best policy !

This Morning, when I fired up the old 'puter and went to my Google home page, there's a letter from the Team at Blogatize telling me I've got the job !
They want my Google adsense codes, done their way, and want to know if I want my new Domian name to end in Dot Net or Dot Com,.....Hooray Friends and Neighbors !!

In about a week, this Blog will be known as "HippyVet's Daily Opinions", and I'll be blogging about Politics, News, and Opinions from around the US media !
See, They even liked my Twitter and photobucket moniker ! and though I've been "The Hermanator" since the early eighties, I have also always,(since '68), been a "HippyVeteran", so I can live with that as my byline.

So, Please follow me on my new adventure, and I'll still be visiting all my friends, and TJ's on a daily basis, just like I have done since last year when I first started visiting "The Price of Convenience" and discovered what a cool circle of friends TJ had here on the InterWeb !

Thanks Again, Wish Me Luck ! Herm

Friday, April 17, 2009

I've been tagged ! Pass it On

Ari "tagged" Kelwhy, who played along,(as per usium), then she put it on her blog,
Then she told folks to play along too, (but left Me off the List ?), So I obeyed her command, took a pic right then, and here it is !

See, Letterman is doing his monologue, I just got up from a three-hour nap, and Sadly, this is what I look like when I get up from a nap !
Now, You take a pic', right Now, and post it on Your Blog, and post a comment here to send us to it !

Happy Friday Blog Buds !

Oh The Irony of it All !

I've been so busy with the "31 Days to a Better Blog" challenge, that I've neglected all my Blogs ! Man, (and Woman), have I been a busy guy !
In Just the past 6 days I've :
  1. Been Tweeting my brains out on "Twitter".
  2. Devoted to "Delicious".
  3. Lying on "LinkedIn".
  4. Up the creek on "Ustream".
  5. Been rewarded for writing a Testimonial @"DMS Publications".
  6. Squandered time at "Squidoo".
  7. Been Adamant about "AdSense"
  8. Gushed over "Google's Beta's".
  9. Bragged on Myself @ "Blogatize"(Job App.)
  10. Dug being on "Diigo".
And that's just the start of a list too long to deal with!

So, I hope my Few Faithful Followers and Daily Visitors will understand, and more importantly, help me build this, and my "Foodie" blog at into something worthwhile that We can all share and enjoy !

Again, I Thank You for your Support thus far, and ask you to send me Anyone who's warped Sense of Humor, and curiosity about Life and Living are approximately as Weird as Ours ! LoL

Monday, April 13, 2009

Go Navy !

I think the Whole World is in awe of Our fantastic Navy Seals, who were able to take-out 3 of the 4 pirate / terrorists holding the American Ship's Captain hostage.
I'm also impressed that President Obama had no qualms about authorizing deadly force to deal with this scum. Most people can't even imagine the precision marksmanship it took for those Seals, on one bobbing and rolling vessel at sea, to hit their targets on another, (much smaller), vessel, with even more motion on the high seas. The fact that they took all of the pirates out of play before they could shoot the Captain, is nothing short of miraculous ! The sad part of this tale is that there are still 200+ people, aboard several ships, who are still held captive in Somali territorial waters.

This is a country that has had No government or legal structure since the Clinton administration's ill-fated "Blackhawk Down" incident in the 90's. When we sent Cruise missiles in there to take out Bin Laden's chemical weapons factory, we should have followed up with a brigade or two of Marines, and put all those warlords on notice, that if we see you armed, you are dead meat !

By now, those innocent civilians would have some sort of leadership structure, and even if it were radical Islamists, even that would be better than what they have now ! After our horrible experience there, it's a small wonder that the United Nations, nor any country has tried to bring a stop to the violence and anarchy that rules this sorry part of Africa, and that says a lot about Courage and Principles in the 21st Century !