Monday, March 2, 2009

Outside the doubling blame blinks the ugly ward.

Outside the doubling blame blinks the ugly ward. farther along, An envy withdraws throughout the firework. As we continue I wonder, Will the aerial domestic stretch the limb?

Nonsense You Say ? Well, yes, that would be a safe assumption!
The above sentences are randomly generated by a very cool site that Friend TJ got me hooked on this morning. He intends to use these sentences for a little post-script deal that he does each day. These snippets are usually aligned with the "NaBloPoMo" theme for the day.

Being an addictive personality type, I wasted a lot of time there, cracking myself up with the absurd random phrases. Then, I decided that I would save a few, and try to do a post of them.
The sentence fragments in italics are my linking words to tie the RSG sentences together, here's a few more:
A closer cook blanks a likelihood of standing farther away. A memory disappears across an absurd poet, as he forgets The overlap jerks a transmitted ace under the problem. Opposite a transparent flour treks your threatening seat.

If you want to fool around with this thing, the Title of this post is linked to the page, also on the same site are random word and paragraph links.Here's a paragraph:
" Will panties wave? Sailors crashes below a disconnected continental. panties congratulates sailors. Another cow commissions panties before a mindless mirror. A hum floors a prerequisite. panties cants the developer next to the vacuum".
If you enjoy it, come back and leave me a comment.
See Ya, Herm

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Do Humans Naturally Crave Confict ? OR: "What the Hell Is Wrong with This World??"

At the risk of sounding like Andy Rooney , Did Ya ever Notice, that somebody somewhere, has always got his ass-in-the-Air, and wants to kill his neighbors, another race of people, or just Kill Something ?

Never in my lifetime, do I recall a period of time, when some Country some where, was not at war with someone else. Sure, it seemed peaceful enough during the Eisenhower years, but in reality, we were still fighting WWII, plus we all lived under fear of death from the Russian A-Bombs. Back then, even us kids laughed when they told us to get under our desks, tuck our head between our knees, and cover our heads with our linked hands. We laughed because we knew what the adults said about these "Air-Raid Drills", and that was,"Bend over, tuck your head between your knees,.. and kiss your Ass Goodbye".

This constant state of conflict isn't just limited to Nations either. Right here in my own family, there's always some kinda shit brewing! Right now, as I type, about half of my family is secretly pissed-off, that after almost 5 years of suffering, and 8 years of being unemployable, I am finally starting to receive some of the benefits I worked 37 years to build, spending 28 months of those 37 in a Combat Zone, working on, and flying in these old, slow, seaplanes, who's best protection was being too slow, and flying too low, for modern anti-aircraft guns to contact. ( Small arms, and the occasional ground-to-air missile not included. ).
Anyway, since nearly the entire huge clan has always been more prosperous than I, and have had much less complicated lives, you would think that they would be glad for me, but, (Hear John Belushi here>)but NOoooo!, They're not glad for me, in fact one of them has been pissed, ever since I was first too sick to work, (2000) and the state was sending me to school to learn a new skill. At the Holiday gatherings that year, I made the mistake of telling some of her friends that I was "Retired I guessed". Well, she hates her job, or in fact, any job, and she snapped ! " Before You can retire, You must have a job and a Career" she screamed ! Well, I worked most of those thirty seven years in the restaurant and tavern business, and if that ain't a career, what is ?

Anyway, I'm pretty sure my siblings and I aren't a lot different than you and yours, and that's my point! If we can't even get along with our own "kinfolk", how can huge Nations have any hope of avoiding conflict ?

Just spoke with Friend TJ, and am off to download some new pic's from his place. More soon, Herm