Monday, March 2, 2009

Outside the doubling blame blinks the ugly ward.

Outside the doubling blame blinks the ugly ward. farther along, An envy withdraws throughout the firework. As we continue I wonder, Will the aerial domestic stretch the limb?

Nonsense You Say ? Well, yes, that would be a safe assumption!
The above sentences are randomly generated by a very cool site that Friend TJ got me hooked on this morning. He intends to use these sentences for a little post-script deal that he does each day. These snippets are usually aligned with the "NaBloPoMo" theme for the day.

Being an addictive personality type, I wasted a lot of time there, cracking myself up with the absurd random phrases. Then, I decided that I would save a few, and try to do a post of them.
The sentence fragments in italics are my linking words to tie the RSG sentences together, here's a few more:
A closer cook blanks a likelihood of standing farther away. A memory disappears across an absurd poet, as he forgets The overlap jerks a transmitted ace under the problem. Opposite a transparent flour treks your threatening seat.

If you want to fool around with this thing, the Title of this post is linked to the page, also on the same site are random word and paragraph links.Here's a paragraph:
" Will panties wave? Sailors crashes below a disconnected continental. panties congratulates sailors. Another cow commissions panties before a mindless mirror. A hum floors a prerequisite. panties cants the developer next to the vacuum".
If you enjoy it, come back and leave me a comment.
See Ya, Herm

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  1. I spent waaay too much time over there too.



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