Monday, March 16, 2009

The " Change " Came Today !

Today's Mail brought new Bounty from The Treasury @ TJ's !
I was expecting a new stash of "Change", but Lo & Behold, I also got a chunk of the Berlin Wall, with Certificate of Authenticity, a really cool LED Flashlight, Some "Change" style tokens suitable for necklace or medallion use, some incense, Some beautiful Bowls from the Potter's wheel of young Micheal Stratham, that Huge cache of new Change, as well as 2 cool DVD's and last, but not least, some of those nice fat ink
pens from TJ's work !
*( Antique Car, Porpoises, Clock,Candles and 'Booney' hat Not included)

As you might imagine, I am Pleased and grateful, and can now get the " Change to Pay-it-Forward" thing going here in sunny and Beautiful Downtown Midwest.
Oh, yeah, another reason why my Bounty was such a timely gift: I found it when I returned home after spending all afternoon doing about $52.00 worth of laundry !
A lot of this stuff has built up because I haven't had wheels for four months, and some of it was in storage all summer and fall, and I was just avoiding this trip. For the past eight years, I had a house with washer / dryer hook-ups, but this place lacks that convenience, so,....I'm spoiled and lazy !
So, most of today's wash will go right into storage bins, and be put away until about November, plus. wait for it cuz it's way cool,........I'm wearing shorts right now, and hopefully will be for the next 8 Months ! My tan isn't completely gone either, so I'll be able to "brown-up" real quick, and be ready for my summer GQ modeling job when they call !! LoL