Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Hermanator Returns ! (5-6-2012) Update:

Hello Blog Friends ! Yes, I've been quite a Slacker in recent months, blame it on all the good games offered by Zynga Games on FaceBook !
But, it's Election Time again, and already I have been fascinated, angered, and confused by the Republican's pre-primary campaigning. Seldom in American Political history have such a wide selection of incompetents, bumblers and fools made themselves available for ridicule and scorn !.
That Perennial Candidate Mitten Romney is again on the campaign trail, and has displayed his wondrous gift for vacillation and changing with the polls and winds. Although Mitt has been considered the "front-runner" from the start, his polling has lagged behind nearly every other candidate, with a new "Non-Mitt" emerging as the top pick after each of the countless debates.
Despite his used-car salesman looks, and his constant flip-flopping, Governor Romney is undoubtedly 1 of the only 3 candidates with the intellect and experience to become President, with the other two being Newt Gingrich and Jon Huntsman.

(5-6-2012) Update: Here we are, with 7 long months before the General Election. Willard is pretty much The Republican Candidate now, with Santorum and Newt now resigned to being the "Also Rans", and praying for some help with their Campaign Debt,..and maybe some "Mic Time" at the Convention? 

On the Correct side of the General Election, President Obama made his first Official Campaign speeches in Ohio and Virginia yesterday. Critics are quick to point out that he has been visiting colleges and 'fund-raisers' for weeks now, and that's true, but yesterday was the first time he had used the "Forward" Slogan as part of the Stump speech.

 Judging by the loud and rambunctious University crowd at that Event, it seems as though The President is going to be able to ensure that he has the Youthful Vote securely in hand right from the Get-Go of this election season. CNN spoke with some local Campaign Volunteers who are happily picking up where they left-off in 2008. 
His ability to generate the enthusiasm of those under-40 Voters will be the key to a re-election that is closer to a Landslide than the "Sqeaker" that will result if Obama can only motivate Baby Boomer Progressives and the traditional Blue Collar base of the Party. 
It's shaping up to be a very intense and brutal battle, this Election, as well as super-polarizing alongside a deep philosophical divide that already exists  within each Party, and in the Nation as a whole.
This Point of Contention exists in every election year, and the basics are this; Conservatives believe that Liberals are anti-business, pro-socialism, less patriotic, and less "God fearing" than they themselves are. They also seem to believe that, given just one more chance, Supply Side Economics, and it's mythical companion "Trickle-Down" Will Work ! Yes, despite 30 years economic History, and practical application, they still believe that failed policy should be revived, and that The Bush Tax Cuts should be written in stone, much as the Ten Commandments.

It's that narrow minded Luddite thinking that has me convinced, that My Party, "The Patriotic Liberal Party", should be filled with clear-thinking moderates from Both Parties, and be the First Third Party to gain credence for more than one Election Cycle. I'm serious here People ! The two-party System has become too Polarized, and has cost so much time, money, and Gridlock, that it can no longer be seen as a working relationship that benefits the Nation, and Points-of-View are so far apart that no bridge of Reason can cross that Gap.  
What do YOU Think ?

Like I said, It's going to be an amazing year for Political Junkies like myself !