Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Welcome to 2009 !

Hello Friends and Neighbors, Welcome to my B,Daily Blog. I have another blog by this name, but it wouldn't let me sign into it, so here's the newest One!
I'm writing on Christmas Eve, alone, (BooHoo), in my new apartment in beautiful downtown Midwest.
It's cold and nasty outdoors tonight, and the web is full of reports about stranded travelers all over the nation, so I'm quite content to sit here in the comfort of my computer room, and think about the year to come.
But First: A little rhyme by my demented twin Sherman;

Well I'm sittin' here wrecked on a number of things,
Usually Vicodin and high-dollar caffeine,
I'm not the best you've ever seen,
'bout as low as I've ever been!
It's not Your fault, or the world's really,
so let's not get frank, nor touchy-feely.
What the world needs now, is more Money and Love,
and a lot more help from the Lord above.

Lots more music about peace and chillin'
'N I don't mind if it sounds like Dylan.
So now I'll end this senseless ditty,
and let The Hermanator get real and gritty !

2009, sounds so nice, January 20th sounds even better. I'm really looking forward to President Obama! I sincerely hope that the majority of people, and especially the Congress agree with me, that this is an opportunity for a fresh start for America.
The one entity I'm really concerned about are the Mass F'ing Media. I mean, after giving Obama a virtual "pass" during the primaries, and General election, I pray that they won't pull a "Clinton" on Barack, and go after anything even remotely shady, as a real scandalous story, that they won't fill the headlines and bylines, and airwaves with hours of rumor-mongering, and create a series of "blank-Gates", to plague this historic Administration.