Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12-16-2014; Pakistani Taliban show their True Colors.

With today's horrific attack, and the slaughter of 130 or more Children, the world looks on in horror at such barbarity. While it is admittedly brutal and inhuman terrorism, and beyond the pale of even the most bloodthirsty of radical Islamist, I see some good coming from this attack. 
For years, the Pakistan Taliban has been covertly, (and overtly), supported by factions within the Pakistan's Military and Intelligence structures. The civilian populace has protested and demonstrated against Our, (USA) use of drones against Leadership and armed elements of their homegrown Taliban, and their brethren from across the Afghan border, now, as the old saying goes, "the proverbial Chickens have come home to roost". 

 Perhaps today's slaughter of innocents will finally make clear the true nature of the factions they have supported and defended for so long ? Maybe, just maybe, these civilians will realize that these Taliban are the true enemy, and that is not the West, the US, or anyone else who seeks to destroy their Nation and Society, but is instead the same monsters who shot Malala Yousafzia, and killed their children in the past, for the terrible sin of seeking an education.
Maybe, instead of directing their hatred against Us, they will choose to join the civilized World, in rejecting and destroying the ideology of hatred, and will see that the Taliban and similar groups seek to keep them in ignorance, while returning the modern world to a 17th Century state of a primitive and barbaric "Utopia", a place where They, the Taliban, have total control of every thought and action of the enslaved populace.

It is also a huge question of how the Pakistani Government will respond. The same Government who gives us the precise location of targets for Our drones, then decries the deaths that result in their press and condemns Us for violating their sovereignty. Will this attack finally bring about an open and accelerated effort to rid the world of these animals who take such actions against the most vulnerable of their citizens as their right in some imaginary war against "the Crusaders" which is what they call those Nations who only want a peaceful world for All.

I guess that We can only hope that this tragedy will, in the end, have a positive result in making a misinformed public in Pakistan understand which side represents their best hope for a future of peace and progress, and I look forward to seeing a closer, and more coordinated campaign against Terrorism between the Pakistani Government and the rest of the Free World.

One fear that all of us in that Free World have long held, is that a weak and divided Pakistan Military would lose control, and allow radical Islamists to gain control of their Nuclear Arsenal. I think this attack, and the deaths of so many Children of Army and Government personnel will insure that that fear is greatly reduced, because this obscenity against humanity should unite the Military as nothing We can do would have done.

If, this opinion seems harsh, or cold-blooded, rest assured, that like parents and people everywhere, I can't imagine the loss and grief, (and hopefully outrage) that these poor parents and relatives are feeling in the aftermath of this tragedy. I personally feel just as horror stricken as I  was on the day of the Newtown Massacre.

My greatest hope is that the Pakistanis will finally close, and destroy all the Madrassas teaching Hate in Waziristan, and the other northern provinces of their nation. The fiction that these were actual "schools", trying to educate the tribal Children, should finally be laid to rest, and people should realize that the Suicide Assassins who murdered their kids, were taught in places just like those that exist wherever Radical Islam exists, not the least of which are located in Our major Ally in the Mideast, Saudi Arabia. It's no wonder that Osama Bin Laden and the majority of the 9-11 Highjackers were Saudi Arabians.

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