Friday, March 2, 2012

2012, Election Year Thoughts and Opinions(See Update Below )

DateLine: 1-25-2012
Hello Blog Mates ! It seems like only a few weeks since I last updated this Blog, when in reality, it's been way longer than that, (16 months ?).
Maybe that's because Nobody took my warnings seriously, which resulted in a severe ass-whoopin' in the Mid-Term elections.
This backlash reaction to President Obama's first 2 years in office has given us the Idiot Tea-baggers who have been behind the down-grading of our US Credit Rating,(for the First Time Ever), so they are also the kernel of the "Just Say No to Everything" gridlock in both Houses of Congress.

 This time around, we are faced with the choice of giving Our President more time to deal with the crock of shit he inherited from the Bush/Cheney junta, and maybe a chance to get some actual Progress accomplished, instead of facing a right-wing road block to even the most politically neutral legislation.

Last night's "State of The Union" address was one of President Obama's better speeches, and while it was well received by most people, it was predictably criticized as a "Partisan Campaign Speech" by the Republican Presidential Primary candidates. To Me, (and most moderate viewers), it seemed like a challenge to a House divided, one which was achieved the Lowest Approval rating ever garnered by a Congress of these United States!
Obama's comments on the teamwork and sacrifice of Our Military, and how the Government should feel the same call to Duty was a deft political move, as was his asking them, (Congress), to re-engage in solving the Deficit, bringing our Tax Code back into reality, and rewarding businesses which bring their Jobs back to America.
How Any of those goals are Partisan is beyond me ?

I also don't view  his call for better limits and rules regarding Campaign Finance laws as Partisan, or Liberal, since the best efforts to fix this mess have come from Republicans like John McCain, furthermore, these PAC's and Super-Pac's, along with the misguided judges who declared Corporations to be "People Too" has been opposed by Actual People across the political spectrum. That's pretty much what's on my mind Today, but this is An Election Year, and that gets me pumped-up and ready to Blog and Battle for what I know to be The Right Thing to Do.