Friday, May 25, 2012

Romney Republicans Piss Me Off,...(Again)

5-25-2012 Hello Blog Friends ! Here's what's on my mind today: I'm kinda upset at the Democrats who say that it isn't "proper" for The President to use Willard Romney's record at Bain Capitol as a part of his campaign rhetoric ? Why Not ? If Romney is making his business experience, and record of successes as part of his stump speech, I believe the President has every right to use that same material to demonstrate that Romney has No connection to the Average citizen, and with Romney's support of the radical Republican Budget proposal, the Public has every Right to see just where another Republican Administration would take us.
 Yes, It would be Nice to go back to the Eisenhower Era, when the Nation was still feeling the growth of the Post-war years, and we Baby Boomers were in our Infancy, But, that's no more possible than the trips Marty Mc Fly took in the "Back to The Future" movies.
 Where Romney want's to takes Us is back to the Bush/ Cheney years, when the Wealthy had all the advantages possible, and the Welfare System had to be reborn to take care of the disintegrating middle class.
The Republicans want the Voters to see the slow growth of the economy under President Obama, and ignore the fact that the Bush years created the financial disaster that Obama faced on his first day in Office. The Truth, is that it's an amazing fact that we have any growth at all, given the Worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression.
 What Really, Really pisses me off, is that Willard has even tried to claim credit for the Auto Industry's amazing comeback, saved by the very same Bail-Out that the Repub's have bitched about since day one ! These same Idiots have tried to sell the idea that Obama-care is a mess, and a huge burden on small business, which is keeping them from growing new jobs, when every fact points to lowering Health Care costs in a more competitive environment. Another Great thing that's happened, is that Families with children with Pre-existing conditions are now being covered in Health Care Policies for the first time ever, so there will never be another Family losing everything because of Medical costs of one of their loved ones. All this, and yet most of the Benefits of so-called Obama Care don't even go into effect until 2014 !