Monday, February 23, 2009

Once Upon a Time in HermAmerica

Sorry about the long lapse between posts. I've been dealing with correcting my tax returns, and spending like 1/2 hours on hold at the IRS. Oh Joy !
What fun it is to be a poorguy in 2009's America! So, Last week, I wrote a short email the, informing them that I probably wouldn't be participating in all their Blogs and Forums as I have done since Hillary dropped out of the Primaries. I explained that the Veteran's Administrations constant delays in my Pension was probably going to make me homeless in a couple of weeks, and that nothing myself or my Congressman's staff had done was getting anywhere with these people. I logged-off, and went to bed for a little depression-nap, and about two hours later, I got a call from the Milwaukee Pension Processing Center!. A very nice young man told me he had my file in his hand, and after I answered a couple of questions, he would be taking it to a "rater", whom he would advise to "Urgently Expedite" my claim.

Coincidence, or someone high-up's intervention ? I don't know, but will soon find out. If it turns out that someone in the Administration made a call, or interceded in any way, I'm going to be a Happy Camper. Why You ask ?
Because, if they know who I am, and have noticed my comments and job application, then I may soon have a position of some kind, in the area where I can be the most help. Whether that's in Veteran's Affairs, or something ecological, I don't care! I'd just love to be able to contribute to this "New Start" were making in this country! Maybe it will turn out better than the last time I served my country, ( Vietnam )
So, That's why I've been too busy to post here, although I have made some progress on my Windows Live and MySpace Blogs and pages.
I've also been active on my Buddy TJ's page. He's kinda sickly this week, so I'm trying to be humorous and supportive over there.
Well, That's my news for the day, it's off for more phone calls to the peeps that can Help !