Thursday, October 8, 2009

How about the New Fall TV Lineup ?

Way, Way Back in the early days of TV, when all the hoopla had worn off about what a boon it would be for Education and Culture, a wise man named Newton Minnow said that, " Television is a Vast Wasteland". I agreed with him so much, that during my time stateside while I was in the Navy, I seldom watched any TV. Oh, there was the occasional Big Football game, like the Rose Bowl, that I would watch with my male relatives, and I would try to watch the NCAA Basketball Play-offs if I were home. I guess my wife must have shared my aversion to "The Tube", because she didn't bitch much when I didn't want one in our first house.

All that changed when one of my classes at Foothill Community College assigned us to watch "All in The Family", AKA "Archie Bunker".
This was "cutting-edge TV", where every social and generational conflict from Race to The War, through Drugs and Free Love were viewed from the bigoted eyes of Archie, and where his prejudices were opposed by All the other characters, from his black neighbors, "The Jeffersons", to his Son-in-law Rob Riener, (AKA Meathead).

So, I relented and started watching Archie & Company, and then found a few other programs that were worth the time. Then, PBS started the "Nature" series, and that became a 'must see' show every week. From there, I watched all those excellent mini-series in the seventies. From "The Kent Family Chronicles", through "Rich Man -Poor Man", and including "Dallas" and the Barringtons ?? (The one with Efrem Zimbalist JR, and Joan Collins ??).

O.K., Now you've got the whole picture of how I became addicted to "The Idiot Box", So, Now I want to talk and ask some questions about this season's new shows that I've seen.
As a long-time NCIS junkie, I of course welcomed the spin-off, NCIS LA, and I've always thought LL Cool J was a pretty good actor for a rapper ! Maybe no Will Smith, but a good believable actor, who I also like to see on the talk shows.
Another new one that I really like is "The Good Wife". The 'back-story' is good, and she's a great character. Her job as a Lawyer, and her Kid's and her interactions with her incarcerated Husband, and his prosecutor the State's Attorney, make for some good drama, as does her performance as a defense attorney for a variety of defendants.
The Hospital Soap, "Three Rivers" has all kinds of potential too, as does the Chevy Chase show, "Community College", and I've watched a few episodes of "Parks & Recreation" which I realize isn't new, but I didn't watch it last year.
Another show I really like, (which also isn't new), is "The Mentalist" , Simon Baker's character is a hoot, and his wacky methods, and his con-artist past are great plot lines that just don't get stale.
What are Your Favorites of the New Season, and Your "Never Miss" shows from recent years ??
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