Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hippy Vet's Opinion Blog is Launched !

Hi Folks, I just finished my first post on my New Blog at "", and I'm pretty glad to have my own Domain Name for it !

This blog is not only a paying proposition, but it gives me a place to rant about politics and world events, without boring my readers to death on this fine Blog ! LoL, (sarcasm). The Title of this post is linked to the new blog, and I'll post it here too !

Oh, While I'm about hyping things, these folks at Blogatize have a huge network with about 50 categories of Blogging possiblity. They use "WordPress" which works nearly the same as Blogger, and has some cool themes with options. Mine's pretty generic just now, but that will all change when I get back from visiting my Mom on the 1st of May.
BTW, here's a repost of a link to some of the Funniest & Best emailed videos of 2008,..on my Food Blog site at : "".