Monday, March 22, 2010

100 Years in The Making !

Finally, after 46 years,( since the Medicare Program was created ), We, The People have a National Health Care Program !
I could sure have used this back when I was raising my son, and had to either lie about my income, work a second job "under the Table", or remain 'under-employed' so I would have Medicaid for my boy's Health Care.
In reality, congress has been striving to provide a national health care plan since Teddy Roosevelt's Administration. Yes, Ol' Rough-Ridin' Teddy, The man who gave us our National Parks System, also foresaw the need for more Doctors and Hospitals, and a way for America's working people to have the same quality and availability of Health Care that the privileged Class of people he came from enjoyed !

As a life-long Democrat, I will be the first to admit that LBJ's "Great Society" programs gave entitlement to welfare to millions of people who became trapped in the rules and regulations of that flawed program, and that it created 5 or 6 generations of a Welfare-addicted underclass of criminals and teen-aged "baby machines".

That program had many flaws, and they weren't really corrected until the Clinton Administration's reforms, which created "WorkFare", and pretty much ended Welfare as we knew it.
This set of programs will have it's flaws too, and the may be numerous, and costly, but they will be fixed quickly, and at Least they have made a start on reform !

What do you all Think ?