Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hello It's Me, I thought about you for a long long time,.....something inside that doesn't last too long, .......

OH,..Wait, somebody already wrote that song.
Anyway, your's truly is a slimy backsliding wimp-weasel !
Yes, I ran out of my Nicotrol patches on Wednesday, Jonesed like a bitch all day Thursday, and today, when my homey John came to drive me to the grocery, I bought two packs of some generic 100's, and a package of "Tops" tobacco for when those are gone. Having been smoke-free since the Saturday after Christmas,(40 some days) I feel really weak about lapseing, but Man do these evil things taste good!!
At least I know I can get off them, and will when I go to my Doctor on the 19th, and get a new course of patches.
I'm still running the famous "Fart Face" video down below here, so please check it out. The "Cowbell" vid above it's not to shabby either, and both link to other SNL classics.

Friday, February 6, 2009

See An Hillarious SNL skit below,.......U "Fart Face "

You know how every now-and-then, you get in this silly mood?
Usually it happens for no apparent reason, it just kinda takes over!
Well, I had one of these attacks a while ago. I was thinking about how miserable I've been all day, jonesing like hell for a cigarette. Anyway, I started thinking about how silly it was to be so addicted to something, that I'm still crazy with the craving 2 months or more after quitting. Then, this stupid video popped into my head from a few weeks ago, when Josh Brolin was hosting SNL.
So, I Googled it, and was lucky enough to find a copy I could embed here, So,:Please scroll down and watch the dumb thing !
I can't take any credit for it, beyond tracking it down, but I have a feeling that my siblings and I aren't the only one's who used to call people "Fart Face".
If you haven't seen it before leave us a comment! Thanks, Herm

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gettin' Around Some !

I've been crazy these last few weeks. Bouncing around the CyberEarth with that wacky "Stumble Upon" thing, looking at Photographers by the thousand. It's like crack ! But now I've forced myself into going Cold Turkey on the pic' surfin', and am going to settle down and write some bloggy stuff.

So, I've been making new friends, and finding some excellent new Blogs to follow. Using my friend TJ's Blog "The Price of Convenience" as a jumping off point, I have been reading five or six new people's stuff. These are mostly women writers, which isn't that strange, because most of my best friends have been women. I think this all began when I got mature enough to think with my Big head, and quit letting the smaller one run my life. It wasn't doing that good a job !

I'm still getting my feet under me, here in the Blogosphere, and I'm not sure which of many interests I should focus on here? The thing is, I've got 6 or 7 blogs going now, so I think I will do like One for Travel, one for cooking & food, one for politics, and 3 or 4 for photography.
That's my meager thoughts of the day,..but at least I didn't plagiarize anyone !! LoL
See Ya:......