Friday, February 6, 2009

See An Hillarious SNL skit below,.......U "Fart Face "

You know how every now-and-then, you get in this silly mood?
Usually it happens for no apparent reason, it just kinda takes over!
Well, I had one of these attacks a while ago. I was thinking about how miserable I've been all day, jonesing like hell for a cigarette. Anyway, I started thinking about how silly it was to be so addicted to something, that I'm still crazy with the craving 2 months or more after quitting. Then, this stupid video popped into my head from a few weeks ago, when Josh Brolin was hosting SNL.
So, I Googled it, and was lucky enough to find a copy I could embed here, So,:Please scroll down and watch the dumb thing !
I can't take any credit for it, beyond tracking it down, but I have a feeling that my siblings and I aren't the only one's who used to call people "Fart Face".
If you haven't seen it before leave us a comment! Thanks, Herm

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