Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Friday Blog Buds !

Oh The Irony of it All !

I've been so busy with the "31 Days to a Better Blog" challenge, that I've neglected all my Blogs ! Man, (and Woman), have I been a busy guy !
In Just the past 6 days I've :
  1. Been Tweeting my brains out on "Twitter".
  2. Devoted to "Delicious".
  3. Lying on "LinkedIn".
  4. Up the creek on "Ustream".
  5. Been rewarded for writing a Testimonial @"DMS Publications".
  6. Squandered time at "Squidoo".
  7. Been Adamant about "AdSense"
  8. Gushed over "Google's Beta's".
  9. Bragged on Myself @ "Blogatize"(Job App.)
  10. Dug being on "Diigo".
And that's just the start of a list too long to deal with!

So, I hope my Few Faithful Followers and Daily Visitors will understand, and more importantly, help me build this, and my "Foodie" blog at into something worthwhile that We can all share and enjoy !

Again, I Thank You for your Support thus far, and ask you to send me Anyone who's warped Sense of Humor, and curiosity about Life and Living are approximately as Weird as Ours ! LoL

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