Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Build A Better Blog in 31 Days !

Hello There BlogReadingans,

Today, April 6th, I began this month-long course through My Blog Guru, Darren Rowse's ProBlogger.com site. If you aren't familiar with Darren, and if you are an avid Photographer or Blogger, you need to Check him Out.
Today's assignment was "How to write an "Elevator Pitch" for your Blog", which told us what an Elevator Pitch was, and how to write or Improve our blog's tagline, and how to work your Elevator Pitch into more than a catch phrase or 'hook' that encourages folks to read your postings. You really really observant peeps will have noticed that I expanded the Head picture of "Change", and added a bit to my blogs title pitch.

The Blog I'm going to focus most of this new-found wisdom on is my old "Casual Catering" blog on my new Domain. That Blog's niche is going to be about "How to Cook", and will be about simple cooking techniques and terminology, that will allow you to cook all the Great Recipes you find on the ten Million Foodie Blogs in the Blogoverse. Here's one of the best "Foodie" sites that I visit: "Off Her Cork".

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