Thursday, April 9, 2009

Back To The Future Past !

Hello Folks, I'm smiling and absolutely "chirpy" this morning!
The reason for my elevated mood level, is that as we speak, (read, write, type, whatever), a nice young man is crawling around outside, drilling holes in my walls.
Now, normally when I tell people about someone drilling holes in my walls, I soon have a visit from these nice fellows in white lab coats, who want to give me a ride in their nice padded Van.
This time it's different, and I know he's real because my neighbor spoke to him as she was leaving for work. Plus, I can go online and see where my bank account was debited by AT&T for installation of my New Direct TV dish ! Hooray !
After 5 months in my new place, watching furry pictures on Broadcast TV, aided by 'rabbit ears' of uncertain age, I will at last have Real TV !

Now, you've got to understand that I'm not much of a Television guy. I love History Channel, Food Networks, and all the news I can watch, but I spend too much time Online here at the Webernets to allow for much viewing of 'the idiot box'.

There are a few shows that I like to watch on a regular basis. Two and a half Men, NCIS, Without a Trace, and lately, on my friend TJ's advice, I've been watching Friday Night Lights.

So, my man is gone, and I'm about to hook up my Deluxe Home Theater system for the first time, and blow the neighbor's ears off to repay him for his 3:AM jam sessions ! LoL
More later, Herm

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  1. Two & a Half Men is one of the only shows that makes me actually laugh out loud :)


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