Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Health-Scare Debate !

The effort to insure health care for millions of uninsured Americans has provided the News and Humor Business with an overdose of material. The same proposed legislation has also put PR and Lobbying firms back in business. The list of so-called "Astroturf" organizations has grown to impossible length, with Big Pharmaceuticals and Big Insurance Companies trying hard to out-bullshit each other in their efforts to derail Health Care Reform.

My favorite of these rumors, lies, and complete fallacies being pushed by the paid-protesters, is the idea that health care rationing will lead to "Death Panels", which will decide if older people are worth the time and resources to save their miserable lives. Here is Bill Mahr's take on the Death Panels !


Let me know what You think about this whole mess?

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