Friday, July 3, 2009

He was " A Thriller " and Always will Be !!

Yes Boys and Girls, even I was a MJ Fan back in the day ! LoL, Below is the Video where he first did "The Moonwalk". I remember this show almost as well as I remember the "Real" Moonwalk. My Girlfriend and I had our usual houseful of company, and we were all on our feet dancing from the start of Billy Jean. When he did that first 'moonwalk', we were all screaming, "Did You See That Shit ???". " That's Impossible !!", and of course the rest is History. A sad history of decline and dysfunctionality.
For the Good part of the memories, we will always have this video of him making the unforgetable statement " The Chair is Not my son",....Enjoy


  1. Yep, he was a great artist...back when he was black :)

  2. Q, You are so right ! Too bad his life went down the tubes !


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