Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Name Game -2009

In a "Carry-Over" from TJ's blog, here are my answers:
1: Your Real Name; Herman
2: Witness Protection Name; Marshall Louella ( Mother and Father's Middle names )
3: Nascar Name; Unknown Herman ( 1st name of Mother's Dad + 1st Name of Dad's Dad)
4: Star Wars Name; Morhe ( 1st 3 letters of Last name + 1st 2 of 1st Name)
5: Detective name; Blue Dawg ( Fav. color + Fav. Animal)
6: Soap Opera Name; Grover Brooklyn ( middle name + town where u were born)
7: Super Hero Name; The Green Tea ( 2nd Fav. color + Fav. drink, w/ "The" in front)
8: Fly Name: Hean ( 1st 2 letters on 1st name + last 2 letters of last name )
9: Street Name; Strawberry Tahoe ( Fav. ice cream + Fav. cookie)
10: Rock Star Name; Scabies Walnut (Current pet + current street name)
11: Porn Name; Lady Observatory ( 1st Pet + street U grew up on)
12: Gangsta Name; Heizzle ( 1st 2 letters of 1st name + "izzle")
13: Goth Name; Black Horff ( Black + a pet's name)
14: Stripper Name; Canoe Kit Kat (name of Fav. Perfume/cologne + Fav. Candy)


  1. I'm torn between Strawberry Tahoe and Canoe Kit Kat....both of those are pretty hilarious.


  2. LMAO Now!!

    Yeah, this whole thing was just Wack enough to grab my juvenile sense of humor, and even worth all the friggin' typing involved !

    Love, Strawberry & Canoe !

  3. I just copied it, pasted it, and changed the effin' rookie.....

    Chunky Monkey Peanut Butter, out.


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