Saturday, August 11, 2012

My 2012 Election Prediction 7-2-2012

O.K. Friends, I've been pretty accurate in my Election predictions over my Blogging time, which dates to before the 1999 Debacle of The Hanging Chads, one I predicted that Al Gore would win by a Squeaker,.. But, I hadn't taken in to account, the fact that Jeb Bush was the Governor of an Important state like Florida. Nor, had I even imagined in my wildest dreams, that an election would be decided by a Supreme Court full of G.H.W. Bush appointees of a Conservative bent

The only reason I even predicted that Election would be a squeaker, was Gore's poor decision to try to distance himself from the most successful Democratic Administration since FDR. His avoidance of the scandals, the attempted Impeachment, and all the stained dress jokes, was a very bad decision, because while it was an effort to bring in the "Family Values" Independents, it lost him a lot of the Party base, because most Democrats at that time, would have voted to set aside the 22nd Amendment, and elected Willie Jeff to a Third term. So, a strategy meant to attract swing voters, sent that targeted demographic straight to the Bush side, and prevented what could have been a Gore landslide, (even without the state of Florida), into an unprecedented Supreme Court appointment of what I still call "The Bush / Cheney Junta".

So, with my one admitted Failure at predicting these things behind us, here's my reasoning about this year's prediction. 

With 120 Days until Election Day 2012, polls are starting to turn in President Obama's favor. In Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, Important States all, Willard Romney's former leads are dissolving. Leads based on his Business acumen, and supposed ability to run the Economy based on his business successes have disappeared. Partially, this is because of his refusal to show his Tax records, and with his inflated claims of how he saved the Salt Lake Olympics, claiming he left the Olympic Committee with a huge surplus, without mentioning that most of that surplus, and any reported profits claimed, were only there because of nearly a Billion Dollars of Federal money, (Taxpayer Money), was injected to forestall failure of those Games.

Willard's Foreign Policy skills, (or lack thereof), is another factor in his declining Poll numbers. Not only did he insult our Mother Country with his put-down of their Olympics presentation, but he also offended both The Israeli's and The Palestinians, first with his Anti-Semitic remarks regarding Israel's "Cultural Superiority", then added to that insult, by comparing  the two Nation's striking economic differences, without any acknowledgement that The Palestinians live in an Occupied Territory, and have for the past 60 years ! About the Only people he didn't offend on his first attempt at International relations, were the Polish people, and , well, they're Polish ! That was a Joke People. The Poles now have the most dynamic economy is Europe, outside of the Germans, and theirs is expanding faster than their old nemesis.
So, this failed Foreign relations venture, which was really just a Fundraising trip, turned into a massive Fail. It started with his racist comments in Australia, where a Campaign staffer said they thought that the Aussie's could better relate to Willard than to Obama, because they and Willard shared a WASP background, or as he put it, "A sense of "Anglo-Saxon" Traditions", which is to say, "Obama's a dumb Negro", which went over like a lead balloon with that audience, who's ancestors were deported to Australia for their failure to comply with the Laws and Traditions of  their Anglo-Saxon "Mother Country".

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