Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Grassroots Democrats and Progressives Arise ! (NoW)

A short Two Years after the election of Barack Obama, all those first-time Voters, ( and many traditional Democrats ), have either lost their enthusiasm for politics, or, sadly, many are "drinking the Kool Aid" of the Tea-Party nutjobs, and of those Very Same Republicans who got US in this mess in the first place.

Now, let me state that I voted for John McCain. Not because I approved of his flaky choice of a VP Candidate, but because he is a fellow Naval Aviator, and because he has been a Hero of mine since the day he arrived back on American soil. On that Momentous day, just released POW McCain refused to debark on crutches or a wheelchair, instead, he stumbled down that ramp from the aircraft, fell to his knees, and kissed the ground of the Nation he had suffered so much for. Senator McCain is also the Only Republican that I have consistently agreed with over the years.

That said, I knew that Obama was going to carry Indiana, a feat that no Democrat had accomplished since LBJ won the Election of 1964. Personally, I was rooting for Hillary to be the Dem's Candidate, and I really resented the way she was treated by the Party Leadership, especially the Rules Committee that gave 1/2 her Michigan Votes to Obama, who hadn't even run in that Huge Union State.

Back to Today: We are in danger of losing control of Congress, which will render Obama a "Lame Duck" President for the second half of his Term. This will also pretty much ensure that he won't get any further legislation passed, and will end up another "One Term Wonder", like Jimmy Carter.

These two events will almost assure that we get another conservative Republican as our Next President, in which case, all of us that are mere Millionaires and below, will pretty much become a disenfranchised under-class, and Big Oil, Big Health Care, and Big Wall Street will finish their destruction of the Our economy, and finish the sale of America's future to the Chinese, and / or the Arab Oil Countries.
The reason they call these huge Corporations "Multi-Nationals", is because they know no loyalty but to profit, and to the advancement of their own interests and fortunes. When America becomes unlivable, and falls into revolt and chaos, these folks will still have their homes on Islands they own, or anywhere in Europe, or South America, where they can live just fine with their billions on Yen, Reals, Pesos, or whatever replaces the Dollar as the International Currency !

Sound Alarmist to You ??
Well,.. If I had told you on the day President Clinton left office (with Trillions of Dollars of economic surplus), that The Bush Family's idiot son George would steal the election from Al Gore, give All that surplus money to the super-rich, and then would ignore all warnings and briefings about Usama Bin Laden, and concentrate all our intelligence gathering toward finding a reason to invade Iraq, would you have believed me ?
Well, I might not have believed those predictions myself, but, you had better believe Me this time, because I don't want to be right about this forecast, especially after it has come to pass !

So, What can we do ? Get out and Vote ! "Vote Early, and Vote Often", as the old saying goes ! LoL

If you worked for Obama's Election, if you talked to neighbors, friends and family about the importance of that Election, then you had better do Twice as much right now, because keeping the Republicans out of office Now, is just as important as putting this Administration in place in 2008. Maybe it's more important ?


  1. This Post is Old, but Boy was I correct ! Damn, I hate that I was right, but I saw the Tea-Party backlash coming, and just like I predicted, their main goal, as they stated, was to destroy this President, and to say No to everything he requested. So, here we are,...The Tea-bagger's obstructionism has lowered our National Credit rating for the First time ever, the Auto Industry Bailout that the Republicans so opposed, has been paid back, and all the "Big 3" Auto Makers are back in the black, with GM and Chrysler Repaying their loans way ahead of time. Now, in late 2011, and thus far in 2012, we have Job growth for three consecutive quarters, Wall Street is doing as well as can be expected, given Europe's problems, maybe better than we could have hoped. The President has submitted a 2012 Budget that contains money to refinance "underwater" homes, a plan the big Banks have to participate in, and a Jobs plan for infrastructure projects, which should have been in the earlier Stimulus Plans.
    So,The Republican Primary Race has been a comedy of errors, with The Anointed One, Mitt Romney plagued by the competition, and beaten in several caucuses and primaries by an ever changing cast of "Not-Mitts". So, In line with last year's predictions, let me say, 9 Months before the Election, that not only will President Obama be returned to Office with a comfortable majority, but We Democrats will also "Take back the House", and gain seats in the Senate as well.
    I don't think any sane independent Voter is going to want to put any of these Clowns in the Oval Office, and the disappointed left-wing of the Dem's, (who didn't vote in the Mid-Terms), have now seen the folly of that non'action, and they will get back on the Obama Bandwagon, early in the Election Cycle.,...From My Keyboard to God's Ears, I hope !


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