Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy F'ing New Year !

I spent last night, (New Year's Eve), by myself, sitting in front of my computer, watching CNN's live feed from Times square. This wasn't the broadcast with Anderson Cooper and Cathy Losergurl, no, this was from way atop some building, just a stable shot of the area in front of the flatiron building. A couple of times the camera zoomed down to the stage areas. One time I could see Hill & Bill talking to Mayor McDollars, and another time I saw Anderson and Cathy, she was getting her makeup and hair touched-up, (and he was watching enviously!).
I ended the evening about 4 AM, after talking to some family back east, and avoiding another call from my Bro in California, because I had been warned that he had over-imbibed, and assumed his evil identity as Absolut Man.

So, The actual Highlight of my New Year's Eve, occurred early in the evening, when I was awakened from my depression nap, by a young man from my Senator's Office. He was calling to tell me that my request for some Inauguration Tickets had been granted, and that he would be emailing me the details ! WoW, I thought," something good actually happened to me on the last day of crummy-assed 2008 ?"
All of a sudden, I was overwhelmed with visions.Hordes of people are surrounding me, throwing dollars, and bags of gold at me, Why I Thought, "I might even be able to pay my friggin' rent !".
But, Alas, It was not to be. When the email arrived, I learned that I would be required to show a picture ID, when I called for the tickets at the Rayburn Senate Office building on the 19th.

So, I was back in Beautiful Downtown Midwest, broke, jonesing for a cigarette, and still really broke. Sucks to be Me, and all that stuff.


  1. Sounds a lot like my 'celebration.'

    I played Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds for the PS3....pretty rawkin' btw....and drank a couple beers.

    Being broke is the pits. Been there often, bra.

    Oh, and lay off of Kathy Griffin. I'm going to marry her some day.


  2. Whoops!!, Sorry man, didn't mean to dis' your intended!
    BTW: She's married to this really funny Greek guy. His name is Stasi Economopolis, or some such thing. He's on the Bob & Tom Comedy tour, so if you're interested check him out on


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